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Jake Olsen – Ruben Bart


Jake’s gooey delivery

We all have our own ideas about the best way to start the day, but could anything beat being woken up by a gorgeous friend wanting to slurp and lick on your morning hard boner?

Long-haired teen cutie Jake Olsen gets that and a whole lot more when his handsome buddy Ruben Bart arrives in his room to wake him up with some BoyFun, checking out his bare smooth ass, kissing the tempting exposed rump and rousing him for a delicious dick servicing that has Jake’s thick cock drooling precum and his big balls churning up a good load within moments.

With the boy’s dick throbbing and craving more his smooth and sexy friend gets his own engorged length out of his underwear to give Jake something to play with while he works his shaft, but it soon slips into the boy’s equally hungry mouth. Ruben has such an incredible cock, it’s so delicious, and as the boys swap their morning erections with each other we know it’s inevitable that one of them is going to give up his hole for some breakfast bareback. After working his friend’s tasty tool and sharing his own impressive manhood smooth boy Ruben offers his perfect buns, ready to be filled by his buddy’s turgid inches.

Jake slides into his friend, humping his tight little hole while Ruben lays back and enjoys the pleasure of his pal inside him, his own cock still throbbing and leaking clear succulent juice with every pump his roommate delivers. A little spooning and some dick-riding reverse-cowboy bouncing hits the right spot, with Ruben wanking his incredible thick uncut dick and crying out with bliss as a generous thick white cum load erupts from his swollen tip, making a mess all over the sheets. With his morning load spent he lays back to get a protein blast to the face, lapping at adorable Jake’s gooey delivery as the semen floods from his cock head. All growing boys need a good protein fix to start the day the right way! Click Here to See More!


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