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Shower Buds Spring Into The Bedroom

69-ing & Uncut Twink Hard Cock!


69-ing & Uncut Hard Cock!

Let’s be perfectly frank about it, Jarde is the kind of boy you could watch taking a shower for hours (literally!) – even longer, perhaps, when he decides to soap his sack and crack as provocatively as he does here.

Anyone hoping to enjoy such a lengthy display from the fellow will arguably be set for disappointment, however, with the arrival of a very curious Abir Tevel on the scene – though given the manner with which the tattooed newcomer gets his thick cock out in order to wank off to Jarde’s performance, we’ve a sneaking suspicion it’s the kind of let-down that won’t linger for long.

Indeed, chances are by the time Tevel has jumped into the shower to exchange a long, lingering wet kiss with his mate, before dragging the lad out into the bedroom, any sense of artistic frustration will have long since been forgotten. And for very good reason. After all, we’re all about to witness a cock-sucking extravaganza from these two buddies – each first taking it in turns to slurp on the hard smooth flesh, before eagerly 69-ing away for all they’re worth. Cast: Abir Tevel, Jarde

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