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The Perfect Pool Boy


Perfect Pool Boy

Kye is such a sexy boy; we’re starting this SDBoy.com compilation with just him and your imagination. Playing, he strips and shows you why we love this hottie; he then goes in for a tug. You never know what you are going to find in those cushions; Kye pulls out a very large dildo.

The Perfect Pool Boy

Taking a ride, he then explodes all over himself. Next, he meets Marcus at the pool; both get naked and do what cums natural. Setting the tone, Kissing is not the only deep adventure these two have. Blowing one another, Kye goes further and rims his partner before sliding in. After several tight positions, Marcus rides atop while Kye strokes the bottom’s cock; the load is not to be missed. Kye then explodes while he and his partner are still intertwined.

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