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Czech Hunter Boy at the Pub


Czech Hunter Boy at the Pub Accepts My Invitation

couldn’t sleep that night. Instead of lying in bed pointlessly I went night hunting.

Unfortunately it was raining so almost no-one to find outside. So I decided to try pubs and clubs.

What a great idea it was! I found a pub with a small birthday party going on inside. I crashed it without hesitation, of course. And lady luck smiled on me. One of the boys there just got dumped by his friend. Poor guy didn’t know many people around him and looked kind of clueless.

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So I started to chat with him and ordered us few shots of Vodka. When the ice broke a little, I tried to appeal to his crazy side and convinced him to show me his cock right under the table. He had no problem with that He had a very nice cock and dark pubes. But my invitation for a blowjob threw him off balance at first. But money sorted it out. Click Here and See Czech Hunter for real!



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