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SYBF: Adam Leo having phone sex

Share Your Boyfriend: Leo Adam Jerking Off Having Phone Sex


SYBF: Adam Leo having phone sex with his BF

SYBF: Adam Leo. This is a video I shot of myself stripping naked and jacking off, while having phone sex with my boyfriend.

He knows how to say just the right things to get my big uncut cock rock hard. We jack off for a long time and he cums first.

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This takes me over the edge and soon I’m pumping out onto my smooth belly. My BF is talking to me about he’ll do to me later when he meets me at my place tonight. I just can’t wait to have his 8″ dick pumping my tight asshole. I love to have his big balls slapping my ass as he drills my hot hole.  I love the fell of his throbbing love muscle piercing me and rubbing against my prostrate. When he dumps his hot load into me I yell loudly and he moans. He’ll lay there for more than a minute throwing his load into me as I wince with each cum pulse. Click Here to Visit SYBF


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