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Japan Boys Smooth KEIJI & TOMOHISA


Japan Boys Smooth KEIJI & TOMOHISA

I didn’t realize just how big Tomohisa was until I pulled down his tight underwear; he is hard, horny wet with pre-cum. Wrapping my mouth around his thick shaft, each time I go down, Tomohisa’s smooth legs spread just a bit more.

Sucking on my tender nipples, the boy hardens me quickly; he is ready to bottom. Lubing and lathering me up, Tomohisa lies back, puts his feet in the air and grabs my sweaty thighs; I go all in from the start. Wanting to ride a bit, Tomohisa sits atop, but holds himself up so I may thrust force-ably from below; I like a cutie who knows what he wants.

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Watching his cock bounce while fucking him, I can’t help but stroke the smooth boy off; he cums quickly. He then eagerly jacks me off; I too was ready to blow. We end with a kiss, but I this won’t be the last time; Tomohisa is so hot and sexy, I’m ready to fuck him anytime. Keiji loved this JapanBoyz pairing and has asked to be partnered with Tomohisa again.

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