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Czech Hunter Muscle Guy


Czech Hunter Muscle Guy

Czech Hunter just loves this new trend when people exercise in public parks. He’s talking mainly about young guys in shape, of course.

This cutie wanted to add on more muscle to his already nice body, so he hired a fitness instructor. The boys let me film the training and I must say the instructor was not fooling around. In just 10 minutes the boy was so exhausted that he went home.

I quickly overcame my disappointment and started talking to the fitness guy instead. He was a former bodybuilder, which didn’t come as a surprise.

Gay Muscle Gu

He was very friendly but it was more and more difficult to hide my hard-on. I couldn’t take my eyes of his sculpture like chest. I knew I had to get this guy laid. You don’t get an opportunity to fuck a Greek demigod every day. I just prayed he wouldn’t get angry…

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