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Czech Hunter Confused Designer


Czech Hunter Confused Designer

was at an ugly station for buses coming to Prague from all corners of the country. A great place to catch young naive boys visiting the city.

It took some time but eventually I met Jerry, a 24 years old boy from Ostrava. He went to Prague for job interviews, following his dream of working as a graphic designer or a video editor.

Czech Hunter

He was cute and appeared reasonable and smart. Maybe a bit shy. We talked and he revealed to me that he had a little gay experience when his roommate sucked him a long time before. Nothing serious had happened back then but the boy still looked a bit unsure and confused about his sexuality. It was an interesting piece of information. Jerry wanted to move to Prague. I offered him the most important thing for  starting a new life: Money. He quickly removed his clothes for some cash. He eventually revealed his nice thick cock.

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