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French Dudes Hard Work


French Dudes Hard Work

Downstairs and doing a little physical labor, French dudes Abel Faiyss (white shirt) and Steph Killeur (dark shirt) are taking a break. Working more on their “labor of love”… okay, okay, their love of cock. Stroking and sucking each others cock, the two get all “worked up.” Now this is my kind of work (wink.) Work it boys, work it!

Abel turns around and bares his ass and Steph needs no instructions. Hole plus finger, plus tongue, equals his hard cock in hole. While Steph gloves up, Abel grabs more lube to accommodate Steph’s large cock and the ease of entry. Abel bends back over supporting himself with one arm and strokes his cock with the other while Steph pounds away from behind.

With break time almost over, the two men settle back and finish jerking themselves off. But not before Abel gets another taste of Steph’s cock. Ready to blow, Steph leans back and spews his load all over the floor, then feeds it to Abel while her jerks and shoots his load up onto his stomach. It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it. Visit French Dudes Now!

French Dudes Hard Work


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