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Czech Hunter Train Station Boy


Czech Hunter Train Station Boy

Train stations are a great place to look for young boys from some god forgotten hole who want to make it big in Prague by .

This time it took me around five minutes to find one. This adventurous young boy came here to work. He and his friend rented a flat together- bold move since they didn’t have a job yet.

Luckily, he was willing to chat with me while waiting for his buddy to pick him up. He looked like a nice and almost prude guy.  But I’ve learned many times that judging the book by it’s cover is not a smart idea. Not only the guy enjoyed public outdoor sex with his girlfriends, he was even willing to give me a hand right at the platform.

Czech hunter Station Boy

When I flashed my money in front of his eyes, he took me into his new home. In the end I paid him rent for two months. His enormous manhood and tight ass were well worth it. Click Here and See Czech Hunter for real!


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