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Gay Alone in the City


Gay Alone in the City

Ariel (ARIEL VANEAN) comes gay alone to the city. He is in a big city that he does not know at all for the first time.

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At the main railway station, he meets sprayer Kevin. Kevin (KEVIN BREEZE), a cute boy, asks Ariel to try spray painting, and both boys become friends. Kevin tells Ariel that if he does not have a place to sleep, he can sleep at Kevin’s place.

Kevin is absolutely amazed at how handsome Ariel is, how nice his figure is, and especially how beautiful his thick uncut dick is. Ariel has not had very many sexual experiences with other guys, and so the fact that Kevin immediately asks Ariel to have sex with him on the first night initially takes Ariel by surprise.

Gay Allone In the City

Eventually, they both enjoy a night full of sex. In the days that follow, Kevin introduces Ariel to more guys, and a huge sex trip awaits Ariel! You just gotta see it here!


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