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Czech Hunter Roommates at St. Matthews Square


Czech Hunter Roommates at St. Matthews Square

Czech Hunter got a call from a guy who he hunted long time ago. And as the story is told…

He mentioned having pretty serious financial problems. Not my problem, I told him. Then he promised to bring along his roommate.

I was a bit reluctant but my curiosity won eventually. We met at St. Matthew’s Fair, which is a very famous event in Prague. I thought it would be fun but bad weather ruined everything. The boy changed quite a bit since the last time.

Czech Hunter

I saw him at long last. He got much cuter, sweet looking and stylishly handsome. Also his roommate was really very nice and sweet. It took some time to convince him and I had to offer him a lot of money. But the effort was well worth it. I booked us a luxuriously looking hotel room and we enjoyed a nice rollicking threesome. Just the poor boy had to endure two hard uncut thick cocks while loosing his virginity. Click Here and See Czech Hunter for real!


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