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Gay Acrobatics on the billiard table


Gay Acrobatics on the billiard table French Twinks

While Baptiste Garcia is bored, alone, lying on the pool table, when a strange idea hits his mind, some gay acrobatics and he puts a pool cue in his ass… just to pass the time!

Robin Castel suddenly arrives in the room and surprises the his jock-strap while dildoing and moaning. Of course, Robin does miss the opportunity to offer assistance to Baptist to entertain and the two boys start kissing and .

Baptiste delights with Robin’s big cock, and while he’s getting sucked in deep throat, Robin begins to play with the tight ass of Baptiste molded in his jock-strap. After some intense foreplay, Robin is very excited and starts to fuck Baptiste lying on the pool table and then in an unusual and acrobatic position: Robin is now fucking Baptiste while he is doing a yoga style “bridge”!

Gay Acrobatics - French Twinks

Our sexy top will then with all his power smash Baptiste’s ass, who is now lying on his stomach and clenching his teeth ready to take the violent cock shots. Robin will end by cumming profusely on Baptiste’s buttocks just before he cums in turn in a last gasp of pleasure.Visit French Twinks Now!



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