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Czech Hunter A Special Taxi Ride


Czech Hunter A Very Special Taxi Ride

was picking up a broken camera from a repair shop when he ran into a very interesting sexy young boy.

We both waved at the same taxi passing by. After a small argument over who’d got there first, we decided to share the car as we both headed the same direction.

The boy was super sweet and only 18 years old. When he mentioned his girlfriend, We got really interested. We just couldn’t resist sweet and cute straight guys like him. After a few minutes of small talk he told us a very important piece of information.

Czech hunter - Taxi Ride

He had a drunk gay experience involving a French kiss. I didn’t hesitate for a second and asked him for a kiss, on the cock. With plenty of money in hands he agreed and we knew this was going to be a fun ride. Fortunately, our driver was also very open-minded and said he’d love to watch the action, after I offered him a generous tip 😉 Click Here and See Czech Hunter for real!


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