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Gay Ginger Michael Red

Hunky gay ginger, Michael Red, loves showing off his chiseled muscles


Hunky gay ginger, Michael Red

Hunky , Michael Red, loves showing off his chiseled muscles and as our masseur walks in Michael is kneeling on the bed massaging his chest muscles while removing his shirt.

Gay Ginger

The masseur stands behind Michael and fills his hands with a good amount of massage oil and then very sensually begins rubbing it into Michael’s pecks. Michael lies back on the bed and the masseur oils up his cock and balls before Michael’s legs go back giving the masseur access to his ass. As the oil is worked in…

Michael’s cock comes to life and begins growing larger the more it’s massaged. Our masseur rolls Michael over on his knees, pulls his ass into the air so he can get to both Michael’s hole and his cock with his oily hands. As the masseurs’ thumb and fingers of one hand works Michael’s hole…

Gay Ginger

the other hand jerks Michael’s cock until it explodes a stream of juicy jizz all over the bed below Michael. I would say that Michael was completely satisfied by the look on his face as he rolls over on the bed before getting up to shower off. You just gotta see it here!



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