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Sexperiment Episode 2: “Fashion To Flesh”

Sexperiment Episode 2: "Fashion To Flesh" - Stars: Jacob St. Ladder, Mickey Taylor


Sexperiment Episode 2: “Fashion To Flesh” – Stars:  Jacob St. Ladder, Mickey Taylor

Exclusive Mickey Taylor and fashion designer Jacob St. Ladder are slaying it in a high fashion photo shoot that suddenly switches gears.

Sexperiment: NakedSword

Before you know it, clothing is being cut off and hard throbbing cocks are being sucked to the base. Mickey may be Jacob’s muse but he’s working overtime feeding Jacob his thick cock then screaming the hell out of him. Sweat drips from his brow, as his man bag and balls slap against Mickey’s tight firm bubble butt.

Jacob turns the tables on Mickey and flips him over to fuck his hole deep.But before that he licks his man hole clean, lashing thrashing his tongue all around his tight sphincter. Mickey moans with excitement bagging for cock. Dramatic lighting that accentuates the alabaster skin and runway model good looks of our cock-hungry stars makes this a Sexperiment of high fashion, intrigue and high drama.

Sexpariment: NakedSword

Fashion and flesh come together in Episode 2 of Sexperiment. Mickey Taylor and Jacob St. Ladder are freaky fashionistas that love to fuck! When a photo shoot takes a sexy turn, the camera keeps rolling capturing a unique and intense scene featuring Mickey and Jacob taking turns pounding each other until they both explode. Fabulous clothes, rock hard cocks and runway rompers is what we’ve got today! Watch Sexperiment 2 – Fashion to Flesh Now!



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