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Gay for Pay Teen Shopping After Xmas at the Mall


Gay for Pay Teen Cutie Picked UP By Czech Hunter At the Mall Looking Shopping Deals.

After Christmas sales always bring crowds into shopping malls, including this young gay for pay teen. Well this kid was looking for a deal. One I really wanted to give him.


Czech Hunter Cute Teeen

So I decided to try my luck in one of those. It didn’t take me much time to find a real gay teen cutie. He was in a serious relationship but it didn’t prevent me from persuading him to jerk me off his lovely cock. He refused a similar offer in the past and was still regretting that.

Which made things so much easier for me. If they say no, offer them more. We were just getting started in his car when some woman disturbed us. What a shame.

Czech Hunter Gay Cutie in the mall

Eventually, we ended up at his home. Thank god his girlfriend wasn’t there. She would be quite surprised at what her darling is willing to do for money. He looked almost satisfied happy about all the stuff I made him do. Click Here to Visit Czech Hunter Today!


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