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Westlife star addresses Eurovision rumours · PinkNews

Westlife star

A source told the paper: “Most people will be shocked as he was never the strongest singer in the band but he’s a great performer, he has good stage presence and he’s very like able so who knows?” they said.

Of whether being in Westlife made him feel more confident in the competition, he said: “You’re halfway up the ladder in terms of people knowing who you are, but that’s not going make you run the show,” he said.

“You’re not asking me to fight Conor McGregor. You’re asking me to do something that I’ve done all my life…. If I got the opportunity, I’d give it my best shot.”

The former star, who has now launched his own catering van, as well as a solo career, told the Sun about an incident in Dublin when a group of people started chanting homophobic slurs.




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