Home BAREBACK Uncut Waiter James and Tim Scooby in the cellar

Uncut Waiter James and Tim Scooby in the cellar

Uncut blowjobs in the wine cellar

Uncut waiter James and Tim Scooby

Uncut in the wine cellar

Tim Scooby the restaurants maitre d’ his waiter James drinking wine in the cellar but soon run into a fatal attraction with themselves. James grabs gropes Tim and realizes that he’s already hard and his uncut cock throbbing. Immediately the pants go down.


Tim exposes his ripped body and his six pack quivers as James deep throats his throbbing dripping cock. James drops his drawers and reveals his hard manhood. Tim wraps his lips around gorges on James shaft. Precum oozes and flows freely from the sides of Tim’s mouth. James can hardly contain himself and offers has throbbing man hole.

Uncut waiter James and Tim Scooby

Tim’s mouth already full of juicy precum begins to give James hot dark hole a tongue lashing. James begins to moan in ecstasy as Tim’s tongue drives deeper in his sphincter of mans pleasure realm.  Streams of saliva flow down James ball sack as Tim readies lubes his asshole. Tim moans with anticipation awaiting for James large foreskin cock to enter.

Uncut boyfun

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