Home FEATURED Michigan Farm Boy Evan: High School Twink Opens his Virgin Hole

Michigan Farm Boy Evan: High School Twink Opens his Virgin Hole

High School Twink Opens his Virgin Hole and Explodes!


Michigan Farm Boy Evan: High School Twink Opens his Virgin Hole and Explodes!

“I like watching Lesbian porn,” Evan says with a big bright Mid-Western Farm Boy smile, as he jerks his perfect Boy Cock before he spreads his Virgin Boy butt wide open while floating on a pool raft in the sun, pisses and then busts an EXPLOSIVE fountain of boy juice for the very first time on film in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs! Feast your eyes on every inch of Evan’s smooth naked body from UNDERWATER as he skinny dips, fondles his nuts and jerks his cock AND spreads his hairy ass cheeks wide open yet again, revealing a super pink open boy hole – all caught on video with Island Studs’ unique UNDERWATER SPORTS ACTION CAM! Evan is a real Island Stud Twink Fantasy boy! Born and raised in Michigan, this sweet 19 year old 5’10” 155 lbs young lad is fresh out of High School and on vacation with his family in Honolulu.

He ‘snuck away’ for this photo shoot while his Mom was at the beach and his Dad was in the hotel. Horny Evan really wants to be in porn and did not tell his folks he was modeling for us. Naughty Evan! This super cute twink is so adorable in his big Hawaiian hat holding his boogie board in one hand and his rock hard cock in the other. Watch as he jerks his long perfect dick while standing in the tropical garden in the sun. This soft spoken Mid-Western tourist immediately starts to pull on his juicy cock and PLAY with his BALLS & ASS while floating in the pool on a raft! Wow! Once he flips over to tan his hairy white ass, Evan really loosens up. He easily opens his Virgin ass cheeks and spreads them wide for a nice photo shoot of his sexy PINK HOLE! There is NOTHING sexier than watching this Michigan Farm Boy open and close his ass cheeks for us to see the tuft of blond boy hair surrounding his virgin hole! He knows how to put on a good show and gives us what we want! Watch as cute Evan climbs up a stone wall to take a piss.

islandstuds Farm boy evan

He grabs his sweet boy cock and releases a solid stream of pee into the garden. This cute Horny lad sits down outside in the garden to jerk his HARD COCK and plays with his hairy nut sack. Included here are some very intimate moments and extended scenes of sweet Evan jerking off while looking directly into the camera. Evan really takes his time in this film – playfully jerking his perfect young cock and stroking his furry balls! Watch as the camera captures extreme closeups of this straight twink pleasing himself and his rigid cock. Watch him stroke his cock like a pro! Evan’s whole body tightens as he gets closer to exploding. And explode he does! Listen to Evan moan loudly when he finally busts a BIG CREAMY LOAD! He shoots thick HUGE loads of goo all over the lawn between his feet. Look at all the Jizz that SPRAYS out of Evan’s hard cock and drips down his stiff shaft and onto his BIG BALLS! It is like a fire hose exploding with cum! His jizz is everywhere! After his sticky JO session, Evan walks to the bathroom still dripping cum to take a hot soapy shower. Watch as Farm Boy Evan soaps up his WHOLE BODY, showing off his sexy arm pits and twink thighs! Watching soapy water fall over his little boy butt is so sexy! Not shy, he even soaps up his hairy hole for us all. We are pleased to have found this fun loving Mid-Western tourist boy on the Beach in Hawaii. This sexy young exhibitionist is not to be missed! Don’t miss this High School Grad’s explosive cum shot! It is amazing to watch. Enjoy this Exclusive new Hawaiian Tourist Boy only from Island Studs!


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